For the last few months we've been working with open source web technologies on new ways to present and deliver our work. We now have three new projects to experience - no plugins required.

A schoolgirl who has narrowly escaped death hides and reflects beneath a roadway tunnel. Her scattered thoughts manifest against the grotty concrete walls before fading away again into nothing. Soon she realises she's been hiding herself away for days. How the hell did she end up here in the first place? Contains strong language.
Compatible with desktop and iPad. *
An open source translation of the original first episode of Flight Paths - a networked novel by Kate Pullinger, Chris Joseph and participants. Flight Paths seeks to explore what happens when lives collide - in this instance, an airplane stowaway and a fictional suburban London housewife.
Compatible with desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android. *
An old partly corrupt 3.5" floppy disk found on a deserted road turns out to hold a disturbing narrative. Based on the original 2004 Flash project Floppy by Andy Campbell, this new open source version of the work contains strong language and disturbing imagery.
Compatible with desktop and iPad. *

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* Note that all our new work can be experienced on modern mobile devices, however the experience varies depending on the processing power and browser capabilities of the device used to access it. Desktop versions of each project benefit from enhanced multimedia and features.